Skru - Count Zero Cassette

‘Count Zero’ is a fine album of Burial worship from Greek producer Spyridon Katagas aka SKRU

Not just another piece of apocryphal “future garage”, the 13 tracks of ‘Count Zero’ are clearly tattooed with the Burial’s influence, but classily so, finding the right balance of unquantised 2-step swing and parry with dramatic arrangements drawing from cinematic atmospheres as much as vintage ‘90s UK dance tropes. - Boomkat Product Review

Bastakiya's Cicadian Cycle Closed

17 years, the cycle of cicadas reborn, opening from membranes in the dirt, a smell rising, silence crushed and surmounted, a hum is new. The power lines move out in unison, some poles tipping, toward a horizon, graying at the edges like smoked gums and fission plants. Bare feet on a long, metal staircase, almost quiet, the skin impressed by the diamond-cut landing, the scent rises up, the first few cicada viscera litter the walkways. A landscape of empty gyms, humidity, bleach smell, janitors clean the shower rooms, rust gathers at the drains, 2 TVs left awake, 5 put to sleep, an elliptical machine is a towel rack, 4 treadmills watch the sun rise with one another, a sweatshirt is reapplied, the glass doors open, drag to a close, the central air conditioning blows the napkins from the common area table, a hum settles on the carpet entrance. The Bastakiya alleys have tiles that once held narrative. Now the ground is black. The ground has always been black. Death is a staircase. The cicadas are buried in the dirt another 17 years. A Bedouin closes the refrigerator door in a gas station, half-lit before closing, Coca-Cola permitted during Ramadan because they have traveled so far from home. The membrane regrows, burrowed below the hydrangea bush, Bastakiya rests in peace, the Bedouin lives on forever.

-David Coccagna, June 2019

Written & Produced by Skru

Mastered by Martijn Comes

Artwork by Spyridon Skruface Katagas

Design by Salem Rashid

Distributed by Kudos

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